Interactive focus groups

PRPW provides specialised personal development and educational opportunities for current and former Pacific Islands players and, where possible, their families.

By addressing players in small groups and informal settings, PRPW workshops are deliberately casual and family friendly, in line with the Pacific culture. Players are able to discuss subjects, ask questions and generally interact with knowledge-holders in a non-threatening environment.

Recognising that all people learn differently (many Pacific people are strong visual learners) and are subject to varying obstacles, workshops are designed for easy access and engagement for P.I players. Workshops target key issues as raised by the players themselves.


Workshop topics include:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse

  • Anti-doping and supplement usage

  • English etiquette

  • Understanding overseas legal requirements & contracts

  • Post-career preparation & transition

  • Financial literacy & planning

  • Public speaking

  • Conflict resolution

Pacific Island Cultural Awareness Workshops

PRPW offers tailored workshops to all non-Pacific professional players, clubs and stakeholders in the game whose goal is to understand their players/ team mates better. Sessions build and develop cultural knowledge and competence, providing people with practical skills in how to best build relationship, engage, maximise performance and live harmoniously alongside their P.I players and team mates.


In the 2016-17 season we:

  • Delivered P.I Cultural Awareness sessions at every Premiership club
  • Presented to all RFU registered agents
  • Provided specialised sessions with coaches, senior players groups and management teams

Pacific Rugby Business Network

Pacific Island players often report ‘low confidence levels’ and the general ‘lack of positive role models’ in the community as basis for low-level engagement with higher-education and post-career opportunities. The Pacific Rugby Business Network aims to counter these barriers by identifying successful non-sporting persons of both Pacific and non-Pacific background, connecting them with players in casual settings in order to develop mentorship and work experience opportunities.


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